Special New Year’s Eve Show!

DECEMBER 31: The Gentlemen Hecklers will be riffing a short at Patrick Maliha’s Naughty Little New Year’s Eve live at The Rio Theatre! The lineup is pretty damned phenomenal: The Hecklers will be joined by the amazing Shirley Gnome (who composed our theme song), stand-up by Jane Stanton, magic by James Hanson, and Burlesque performances by Dezi Desire, Lola Frost, and Melody Mangler! Advance tickets are just $20.00 and are available here!┬áPlus, if you buy your tickets in advance, you get FREE ADMISSION to The Gentlemen Hecklers’ January 14th presentation of COBRA at The Rio Theatre. This is just $20.00. Get on it, and spend your New Year’s Eve with us!

nye 2014