November 11: Encore Presentation of GYMKATA!

Huzzah and greetings! We’re very excited to announce that our Novmeber 11 Gentlemen Hecklers show will be the return of one of our most requested movies: The 1985 classic GYMKATA! The Skill of Gymnastics! The Kill of Karate! ┬áCome to The Rio Theatre on Tuesday, Nov 11 to see Eric Fell, Patrick Maliha, and Shaun Stewart provide live, hilarious commentary to one of the greatest things ever produced by The Cold War. This Cinematic cheesefest is so amazing Facebook wouldn’t let us use the poster in the ad! Seriously. It was rejected. Too much text on a movie poster. WHO CARES ABOUT BOOK LEARNIN’? IT’S TIME TO FIGHT! Here is the forbidden poster: