Our next movie: HERCULES (1983) on January 8

Happy New Year, Hecklers Fans! Come celebrate 2014 with us at The Rio Theatre in the grandest fashion possible: with a movie from 1983! That’s right, The Gentlemen Hecklers’ first movie of 2014 is none other than HERCULES, starring Lou Ferrigno and the always wonderful Sybil Danning! It also has the added bonus of not being the Renny Harlin Hercules movie coming out on January 10th (or the Brett Ratner Hercules movie coming out later this year).

You may think you know the story of Hercules, but until you see this definitive version, you don’t know a damn thing. Bet you didn’t know that the Greek Gods lived on the Moon, and that Hercules fought giant robots! There, now you’ve learned something. And because the movie is from 1983, at some point it becomes Star Wars. That was a rule back then.

Tickets available right here, or at the door on January 8th! OLYMPIAAAAAA!!