YOU choose our December 11 show!

That’s right!  For our December 11 show at The Rio Theatre, we’re going to let you decide which movie you’d like us to riff!  You may have missed the first few movies we’ve presented, and we’d love a chance to clean once off, give it a nice rewrite, and present it to you as a special Holiday Gift!  Here are the rules:  Choose from the following list of movies, and then give us a compelling reason why we should riff this one again.  We’ll go through the entries, and then choose the movie with the best reason to bring it back!  The person who gives us our favorite argument gets a pair of Guest List spots to the movie that they championed!  So go ahead and let us know in the comments section here  or on this status on our facebook page! Get to it, we’re announcing the winning movie on November 15!

Dungeons & Dragons


Yor, the Hunter From the Future




Hard Ticket to Hawaii