Our Next Show: GYMKATA on September 11!

On Wednesday, September 11 at 9pm, The Gentlemen Hecklers proudly present our next movie riffing extravaganza: GYMKATA!

hecklers gymkata

What is Gymkata?  According to the poster, it’s “The Skill of Gymnastics.  The Kill of Karate!”  But according to people who have seen the movie, Gymkata is “OH SWEET JESUS, WHAT AM I WATCHING?!  PROTECT US, GENTLEMEN HECKLERS!”

And protect you we shall.  For are we not Gentlemen? Yes!  I mean “Yes, we are Gentlemen,” not “Yes, we are not Gentlemen.”  However you want to read it, Eric Fell, Patrick Maliha, and Shaun Stewart will provide hilarious, live commentary for this 1980s spectacular.  And it *is* spectacular!

Gymnast Kurt Thomas plays a bemulletted gymnast sent to the country of Parmistan to swing about on various poles and push stuntmen over, all in the name of THE COLD WAR!  Remember the Cold War, when Russia was a dickhead, and there was talk of boycotting the Olympics?  Boy, am I glad things have changed.
Here’s the trailer!

Tickets available now at The Rio Theatre!